How to Eliminate Worry and Stress from Your Trading in 2011

by Darrin Donnelly on December 30, 2010

Less worry, less stress, and more success in 2011.

Less worry, less stress, and more success in 2011.

Please forgive the shameless self-promotion at the end of this article, but there’s something I need to say as we head into 2011.

First off, I want you to ask yourself three questions as we enter the New Year:

1) What kind of year do you want to have in 2011? 

2) What kind of money do you want to make in the stock market? 

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY: How are you going to get the results you want?

When it comes to investment advice, there’s no shortage of hype and B.S. being promoted all over the Internet.  It seems that everywhere you turn, someone is promising you the key to riches in the stock market.

For example, you’ve probably seen those ridiculous ads for automated day trading “robots.”  They tell you to buy their program, turn it on, and then count up all your money at the end of the day. 

This, of course, begs the question: if that’s as easy as it is, why isn’t everyone doing it and making millions from it?  Or, at the very least, why aren’t the people who created the program already making millions in the stock market with it?  Why are they instead spending all their time trying to sell you these programs?  Hmmm.

Or, maybe you’ve seen those “penny stock alert” guys who tell you that the key to your fortune is in buying a stock that costs 5 cents and then watching it go up 10,000%.  They promise to show you these undiscovered treasures by sending you daily alerts that reveal the next big winners.

Of course, their sales page is loaded with “real life” examples of stocks they showcased that went up 500% or more.  But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if I randomly send you a basket of penny stock “alerts” each morning, a few of them each year will probably actually be worth something a year or two later. 

What these guys don’t tell you is how many of their stock alerts went bankrupt or continue to languish in penny stock “no-man’s-land” trading for half a cent each day. 

Folks, penny stocks cost so little for one reason and one reason only: they aren’t worth any more than that!

And then there’s the “traditional” Wall Street advice.  I have much more sympathy for people who lose money following this type of hype.

I’m talking about the fundamental investment “wisdom” those big brokerages and mutual fund companies “share” with you.  (Actually, they hit you over the head with it nearly non-stop via their multi-billion-dollar advertising campaigns.)

This is the advice that tells you how you need to invest for the LOOOONG term, preferably with their company.

This is actually just code for: “Let us take your money and invest it for you, but don’t judge us on the short-term performance of say, a few years.   Let us play with the cash you give us for a good 15 or 20 years before you decide that you could do better with it elsewhere.”

You’ve been told over and over again – since you were old enough to know what the stock market was – that this is the “safe” and “responsible” way to invest.

Now, I don’t want to say that everyone who falls into one of the above three categories is a crook or a liar.  For all I know, perhaps one of those day-trading systems being sold by someone I’ve never heard of before really IS worth the asking price.  While extremely rare, there ARE a couple traders I know of who make good money trading penny stocks (Darvas proponent Timothy Sykes, for instance).  And while mutual fund managers, as a group, have a ridiculously poor track record against the stock market indexes they’re claiming they can beat, people like Bill Miller and Peter Lynch really DO come along once every decade or two.

With the exception of a few bad apples, most of the people who talk a big game and fail to perform with their investment advice, probably mean well and sincerely put in their best effort to help individuals make money.  Unfortunately for them, they’re just not any good at investing.

The bottom line is that following this type of advice and guidance will almost always lead to unneeded stress and worry about your investing.

Do you want to know how real people are making real money in the stock market? 

They do it by taking the initiative to work extremely hard and beat the market themselves!

They question everything, they continuously try to learn more about the stock market, and they dedicate themselves to mastering the intellectual and psychological aspects of trading.

That’s what the real winners have done on Wall Street. 

And I’m not talking about those who made big money by managing OTHER people’s money.  I’m talking about people like Nicolas Darvas.

Darvas is such an inspirational story because so many of us can relate to where he was.  He followed all the “conventional” advice and lost his money.  He followed the hyped-up penny stock market letters and lost his money.  He followed the tips of friends and brokers…and lost his money.

Nicolas Darvas finally got sick of losing his money and dedicated himself to actually learning how the stock market worked! 

He spent 10 hours a day teaching himself winning methods and studying the market.  He read dozens and dozens of books and learned to separate the worthwhile from the garbage.  He recognized which traders and advisors actually made money and which ones just talked a big game.  He discovered what advantages he, as an individual trader, had over the Wall Street insiders and big-time fund managers.

Ultimately, Darvas took it upon himself to learn how to trade profitably.  He worked extremely hard at it and achieved tremendous results from it.

Of course, here’s the catch…

The type of hard work that goes into mastering the market just isn’t feasible for everyone.  I understand this.

I personally spend up to 12 hours a day scouring the stock market, analyzing the fundamentals and the technicals, researching the stories behind companies, and educating myself with an endless supply of reading material that includes everything from a few other publications I trust and respect to classic stock market books and historic charts I study over and over again.

The Darvas System is simple.  But mastering it isn’t easy.

(Okay, I said what I needed to say about all the crap out there.  Now here comes that shameless self-promotion I told you would be on the way…)

The way I see it, to succeed with the Darvas System, you have two options:

1)  Set aside a good 8-12 hours-per-day, every day, for the next year or so to study the market and master this strategy.

2)  Subscribe to Darvas Trader PRO and let us do all the work for you.

Darvas Trader PRO doesn’t promise you some magical trading robot and it doesn’t offer vague advice and ask you to “just trust us for the long term.” 

Instead, with Darvas Trader PRO, you simply get everything you need to master the Darvas System with an efficient, no-hype newsletter delivered to you twice a week.

The man-hours that go into producing Darvas Trader PRO just aren’t feasible for most people, but once you start following this newsletter, you’ll see that it takes the worry out of trading.  You simply get exact buy points, exact sell points, and the detailed charts and explanations for both.

And, unlike so much of the junk you see promoted elsewhere, Darvas Trader PRO actually produces real-life results!

Here’s what my readers are saying.  These are real traders making real money.  They have no reason to overhype me or my newsletter.

Graham R. didn’t want to reveal his last name because he’s the General Manager of a privately-held international hedge fund that isn’t currently accepting new clients.  He’s also a subscriber to Darvas Trader PRO and had this to say: “Darvas Trader PRO has been very discerning and balanced in simply finding the most powerful stocks with the best set-ups. It is not a service that tries to pump ideas, but rather, it helps the trader get the right stock, at the right entry to ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY. And every Darvas Trader PRO idea is coupled with strict advice on where to put stops. I highly recommend Darvas Trader PRO, it paid for my annual subscription in my very first trade!

Steve Burns is a trader in Nashville, Tennessee who used the Darvas System to make $150,000.  He ended up writing a book about his accomplishment and the published author said this about Darvas Trader PRO: “Darvas Trader PRO is not only the best resource for traders who want to trade the Darvas System, but it has taken Nicolas Darvas’ methods into the 21st century and improved them!  You will save many hours with Darvas Trader PRO because you get the latest Darvas stock picks, buy points, stop-loss points, Darvas Boxes, and overall market analysis, all delivered right to you. I wish I would have had this resource when I started trading the Darvas System, it would have saved me a huge amount of time and increased my profits. Darvas Trader PRO shows readers how to use the same method I used to make $150,000 in profit from 2003-2007 and keep it in 2008!

Brian Fairall is an independent trader based in Agoura Hills, California.  Here’s what he had to say about the actual results he’s achieved using Darvas Trader PRO: “Darvas Trader PRO has helped me tremendously. It has helped my growth as a trader/investor and it has improved my returns substantially – I’m up 31% in the two months since subscribing!  It has been an invaluable tool to my financial future.  I love the fact that it focuses on only the top 8 or 10 stocks in the market at any given time, giving me a narrow focus on where to invest.  Breaking down the health of the market and each individual stock using the Darvas method is quite simply priceless to me.  I’m so thankful for Darvas Trader PRO!

Again, these are REAL traders who make REAL money.  They’re not promoting “magical” day-trading systems or trying to “win you over” by trying to convince you to try their investment philosophy.  They’ve simply found what actually works for them and they’re happy to talk about it.

How badly do you want to succeed as a trader in 2011?  How badly do you want to take control of your finances this year?

All I ask is that you give Darvas Trader PRO a try.  You can take a trial run with it for one full month.  Just click here to get started.

And by the way, if you don’t try out Darvas Trader PRO, please don’t buy or trust anyone that says they can make you money every single day without you having to do anything except turn on some “robot,” anyone that shows you nothing but winning trades and promises astronomical results, and anyone that tells you that you just need to “trust us” and be patient because you’ll see results in about 10 years.

I want to wish you a happy and EXTREMELY successful New Year!  I hope you’ll join me as a subscriber to Darvas Trader PRO!

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