The 30 Hottest Stocks to Watch

by Darrin Donnelly on December 9, 2010

Here’s a list of the 30 hottest, fastest-moving growth stocks on the market right now. 

As Darvas traders, our goal is to whittle down this list of 30 to the handful of stocks that make up the best of the best.  We only want to be trading those elite market leaders. 

In Darvas Trader PRO, you’ll find the stocks that make that elite list.  But for a broader view of candidates you might want to consider trading, here’s a list of 30 stocks with tremendous Darvas potential.

AAPL – This stock is looking big and sluggish right now, but it’s still worth following as a good gauge of the market as a whole and tech stocks in particular.

ALTR – Strong earnings are driving this stock higher. We’re seeing a good-looking trend that is easily outperforming the market in recent weeks.

AMZN – Does this stock have the earnings power to fuel a big time run in 2011?

APKT – Could be settling in for a new base soon.  An awesome performer lately.

ARUN – Continues to find support at the 50-day line.

BIDU – Resting up for another run or growing tired?

CMG – This is one of the top-performing stocks on the market and it may finally be settling in for a new base.

DANG – Too early to buy, but too impressive to ignore.

DECK – Just this week, it’s finally pulling back to the 10-day line.

FFIV – A big earner that can really fly when it breaks out.  Could be starting a new base here. 

JOBS – Darvas Trader PRO readers know how much I’ve been loving this stock’s price-volume action.

LFL – Is this airline finally ready to wake up and run again?

LULU – Huge earnings-fueled move today.  I’m hoping for a Bull Flag pattern over the next week or two.

LVS – Watch what this stock does if it falls to the 50-day line.

MOS – So far so good at the 50-day line.

NFLX – It remains THE stock to own in this market.

NTAP – Working on a new base after some scary action in November.

OPEN – A little erratic, but this stock is maintaining key support levels.

PCLN – Keep an eye on this one at the $420 mark, which continues to give it a little trouble.  We just set a new buy point for this stock.

PPO – This week’s performance can’t be ignored.  Now let’s see if it forms a Bull Flag Darvas Box.

PSMT – Are we witnessing a Climax Top or is this just the prelude to a big-time move?

RVBD – A powerful mover that could be consolidating here.

SAM – Good beer, better price action.  The question is; does it have the earnings power to fuel a Darvas-type run?

SHOO – A hot growth stock that continues to “act right” on its pullbacks.

SLW – It’s already doubled once in the past few months, can it do it again?

TEN – Great performer, now we just need a new base to form.

VMW – Starting to perk up as it nears new highs.

WYNN – This hot gaming stock has settled down since its special $8 dividend payment.  Could be gearing up for another big move.

YOKU – Like DANG, it’s too early to buy, but too impressive to ignore.

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