Special Announcement: Darvas Trader PRO is Here!

by Darrin Donnelly on September 28, 2010

Darvas Trader PRODarvas stocks are currently seeing some of their biggest surges in a very long time.  Unlike the 2009 rally, where most of the gains were made by “junk off the bottom” stocks, leading Darvas stocks – the types of stocks that can double and triple in just a few months – are driving this current uptrend.

My personal portfolio of Darvas stocks is up roughly 25% in September alone.

And just in time for this major move, I’m thrilled to announce that Darvas Trader PRO is finally here!

The inaugural issue of Darvas Trader PRO will be published on Wednesday evening.  To make sure you don’t miss this first edition, you can start your 30-day trial right now!

And as a special bonus to coincide with the launch of Darvas Trader PRO, we’re GIVING AWAY my bestselling Darvas book, “Secrets of the Darvas Trading System,” to everyone who subscribes today.  

You can’t get “Secrets of the Darvas Trading System” for less than $97 anywhere else.  But, if you subscribe to Darvas Trader PRO today, you’ll get it absolutely FREE!

Plus, if you decide Darvas Trader PRO isn’t for you and you take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee, you still get to keep “Secrets of the Darvas Trading System” as our thank you gift for trying out Darvas Trader PRO.

You can’t beat this special offer.

Start your 30-day trial of Darvas Trader PRO and download “Secrets of the Darvas Trading System” absolutely free by clicking here.