The 12 Unbreakable Rules for Succeeding as a Trader

by Darrin Donnelly on June 23, 2017

I like to keep things simple. As Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible . . . but not simpler.”

With that in mind, here is a list of 12 simple rules that I have found to be the key to successful trading. If you’re not getting the results you want as a trader, you’re breaking one or more of these rules.

Rule No. 1: Follow YOUR Dreams
The dream of being a successful trader, especially someone who trades for a living, is one of those “big” dreams that naysayers love to squash. Don’t listen to these cynics. There are too many examples of people who have started with very little and made fortunes trading. You can be certain they’re glad they didn’t listen to the naysayers. On the other side of the coin, make sure that you really enjoy trading before committing to it. All the great traders I know have a true PASSION for the game of trading. If you don’t have a passion for trading, you won’t last long. [click to continue…]

Old School GritI’m thrilled to announce that I have just published a new book that I hope will become the latest addition to your trading library.

This new book is all about the ONE THING you need more of if you’re going to make it big as a trader.

That ONE THING is grit. Good, old-fashioned, keep-moving-forward, never-back-down GRIT!

Psychologists tell us that the secret to a successful and happy life, more than anything else, is something called GRIT. Defined as the willpower to persevere with passion and a sense of purpose, research shows that grit is what matters most in whether a person succeeds or fails.

This is true for any area of life, but it’s especially true when it comes to succeeding as a trader.

Contrary to what you may have heard, trading is not a “get rich quick” strategy. People hear the incredible stories about traders like Nicolas Darvas, who turned $30,000 into more than $2 million in two years, and they sometimes come to the wrong conclusion that traders should expect to accumulate massive fortunes without putting in much effort. They fail to learn the full story about Darvas and understand that he put in years of constant study and struggled through many ups and downs with his trading account before he went on the amazing run that made him a millionaire.

Nicolas Darvas and pretty much every other mega-successful trader you’ve heard of had something that separated them from all the other people who try their hand at trading. Simply put, the world’s most successful traders have more GRIT than other traders have!

Traders who make it big don’t give up. They keep pushing themselves forward. They learn invaluable lessons from each and every setback they encounter. They never stop charging ahead.

The bottom line is this: those who succeed as traders have much more GRIT than almost everyone else who tries to make it in this business.

That’s what my new book is about. [click to continue…]

Think Like A WarriorI’m thrilled to announce that I have just published a new book. I truly believe this book can make the difference in whether you succeed or fail as a trader.

I’ve been teaching and coaching traders for the past nine years and one indisputable truth I’ve come to recognize is this: the most important factor in determining whether you succeed or fail as a trader is your mindset.

It doesn’t matter how reliable or powerful your preferred trading system is, if you haven’t developed the MINDSET required to be successful, your odds of success will be greatly diminished.

This is a tough business to succeed in. There are new obstacles and challenges every day. To succeed as a trader, you must develop an unstoppable mindset. It’s what I call a “warrior mindset.”

As I’ve come to learn, the “warrior mindset” consists of five very specific inner beliefs and my new book shows you exactly what they are and how to develop them.

As you embrace these inner beliefs, you’ll develop the “warrior mindset” required for success in this game. In fact, the five inner beliefs required to succeed as a trader are the same inner beliefs required to succeed at ANYTHING in life! [click to continue…]

10 Trading Lessons I Wish I Had Learned 20 Years Ago

by Darrin Donnelly on April 4, 2016

I wish I’d learned the following 10 lessons before I ever made a single trade.  I’d be a much wealthier man if I had.

If you can hammer these lessons into your head, you’ll save yourself from a lot of unnecessary suffering as a trader.

1)  Trying to “get a feel” for trading is just an excuse for not putting in the time, study, and commitment to learning a system that actually works.

2)  There is no ONE system or philosophy for making a living as a trader.  The key is to find the proven system that fits best with your personality.  And then stick with it! [click to continue…]

What March Madness Can Teach You about Successful Trading

by Darrin Donnelly on March 21, 2016

Nicolas Darvas described himself as a “techno-fundamentalist.”

He based his trading strategy, the Darvas System, on a combination of BOTH technical analysis and fundamental analysis.  This reliance on both types of analysis separated Darvas from many trend traders, back then and still today.

Some trend traders rely exclusively on technical analysis and disregard the fundamentals.  They believe that every fundamental that can be known about a stock – past earnings, projected earnings, market direction, market outlook, etc. – is already reflected in the actual price of the stock.

This reasoning seems logical.  However, I think the viewpoint misses something key.

Yes, the technicals ARE more important than the fundamentals to a trend trader.  That is, no matter how great the fundamentals look, if the technicals are poor, the stock needs to be avoided.  You can’t “force” the technicals to match up with the fundamentals no matter how much you think (or hope) they should.

However, traders who have learned to properly recognize trends and technical patterns can take their success rate to a much higher level when they add fundamental analysis to their repertoire.

The NCAA basketball tournament offers us a helpful analogy. [click to continue…]

Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow

by Darrin Donnelly on February 24, 2016

Jack Schwager is one of my favorite writers. His Market Wizards line of books is MUST reading for anyone interested in trading. The five books in this series are made up of interview after interview with the world’s most successful traders. You’ll find plenty of trading advice and endless motivation in these essential books.

You’ll also find advice on how to be successful at anything else you do in life. In these books, I’ve found that some of the shortest answers to Schwager’s questions offer the most profound advice on living a successful life.

In Hedge Fund Market Wizards, two short question-and-answer exchanges reveal what I believe to be one of the most honest answers about life’s “secret to success.” [click to continue…]